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Based in the BOP and offering services throughout the North Island

Liquid Waste Removal Specialists


Petes Takeaways provides bulk liquid waste removal, cartage and disposal services. Petes Takeaways operates across the wider Bay of Plenty and the North Island.

Our extensive range of services includes emptying septic tanks, grease traps, regular trade waste removal for commercial operations, and working with regional authorities, large corporates and infrastructure companies, for all industrial liquid waste removal and processing.

Since 1980, Petes Takeaways has a proud history of responding in a helpful and efficient manner to a wide variety of client demands, including urgent and critical waste removal services in emergency situations. We pride ourselves on getting the job done efficiently, on time and within budget.
Our commitment to continual investment in our fleet and our people ensures that we have the equipment, the capacity and the expertise to meet all bulk liquid waste removal needs.
Company Details
Company Name:
Company No. 7858161
NZBN: 9429047852389
General Manager: Mark Blowers
Health and Safety Certifications

Sitewise Gold Status 2022/2023

Prequal Approved Contractor Certification

$10.0M Public and Dangerous Goods Liability –Lumley Insurance
Hydro Excavation by Petes Takeaways Limited.
Projects of interest that outline Petes Takeaways breadth of services, capability and capacity:
  • Containment and removal of oil spills in the Tauranga harbour.
  • Containment and removal of a large molasses spill in Mount Maunganui.
  • Collection and disposal of 100,000 litres of liquid fat from council storm water drains.
  • Transporting 7 million litres of liquid waste from the local authority sewer plant over a three month period.
  • Removal of sand relating to a major oil spill involving 6 kilometres of high-density road with minimal disruption to traffic over a 24 hour period.
  • Removal of weed infestation from ponds on rural properties.
  • Emergency response to septic spills and overflows in environmentally sensitive critical situations.

Our Equipment

Petes Takeaways operates an extensive modern fleet of tanker trucks. Our tanker fleet ranges in storage capacity from 6000Lt to 12000Lt, including small tanker trucks for portable toilet servicing and septic tank work in situations where access can be restricted, to larger tanker trucks for high volume commercial applications.

Petes Takeaways are your bulk liquid waste removal specialists.
Petes Takeaways range of tanker trucks ensures our customers get the most cost effective liquid waste removal solution, tailored to their specific requirements. Our larger tanker trucks can deal with a wide range of liquids including situations where liquid product may be more heavily silted, examples include concrete slurry, mud, sand and gravel.
Petes Takeaways Vacuum Sucker Truck with Remote Boom.
Petes Takeaways operates a water jetting unit suitable for jetting sewer lines up to 300mm in diameter and 150m long. This unit also comes with a blasting hose and gun for removal of grime and build-up in a range of situations.
Petes Takeaways are your bulk liquid waste removal specialists.
Petes Takeaways Vacuum Sucker Truck with Remote Boom.
Petes Takeaways Water Jetting in action.