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After hours 24/7 Emergency service
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Based in the BOP and offering services throughout the North Island

Liquid Waste Removal Specialists

Petes Commercial

Bulk Liquid Waste Removal

Petes Takeaways can handle anything liquid, except class three fuel / hydrocarbons. Our vacuum trucks are designed to suck and carry liquid product, including in applications where there are high levels of viscosity. Examples include but are not limited to, sludge, concrete slurry, thick septic, mud, clay and sediment ponds.
Petes Takeaways are your bulk liquid waste removal specialists.
Grease Trap emptying specialists / Petes Takeaways.

Grease Trap Emptying

Most councils require commercial kitchen grease traps to be emptied regularly, Petes Takeaways have been a specialist provider of this service for many years. Our database of restaurants and grease trap locations ensure a prompt and efficient service, which is typically scheduled for early morning to minimise disruption.

Portable Toilets

Petes Takeaways service portable toilets and portable building holding tanks across a wide range of applications, including orchards, farms, pack houses, residential, civil and commercial construction sites.
Portable Toilet emptying by Petes Takeaways.
Marine Septic and Bilge Removal by Petes Takeaways.

Marine Septic and Bilge Removal

Petes Takeaways operators are port entry certified. We provide prompt service, recognising that efficient turnaround times are important in the marine shipping industry, an after hours service is also available if needed.

Hydro Excavation

Hydro excavation uses pressurised water to break up soil, which is then vacuumed up. Petes Takeaways have specialist Hydro vac operators and vehicles. Applications include pole and pile hole excavation, locating underground services, cleaning out culverts, and many more applications where traditional mechanical excavation risks damaging property or underground services.
PTL Group for Hydro Excavation
Spill and flood emergency response by Petes Takeaways.

Spill and flood emergency response

Petes Takeaways has the resources and capability to respond urgently on a 24/7 basis to any emergency spill or flood scenario, we recognise our business plays a vital role in terms of protecting the environment or property in critical time sensitive scenarios.

Unblocking of drains, pipes and gully traps

Petes Takeaways compact mobile water jetting unit is suitable for jetting pipes and sewer lines up to 300mm in diameter and up to 150m long. This unit is also suitable for blasting grime off walls, driveways and many industrial applications where high-pressure water blasting is required.
Unblocking of pipes, drains and gulley traps by Petes Takeaways.
Stock effluent pond emptying and spreading by Petes Takeaways.

Stock effluent pond emptying and spreading

Petes Takeaways has experience emptying farm effluent ponds. Our vehicles can then relocate effluent and disperse to various locations on the property, as directed by the land owner. Our operators are experienced in terms of working in rural environments and our vehicles have diff lock and power dividers, enabling safe and reliable access to most areas within the farm or property.

We handle many more liquid waste removal jobs, if unsure please call to discuss.